Week 2. What's in my Bouquet Subscription this Week?

Bouquet number two went out yesterday for our weekly subscribers. What’s inside that kraft paper sleeve? Well, as usual, they all may vary a tad (you can blame that on my right brain), but here is what went into the bulk of them.

Sunflower Panache

These shaggy blooms take center stage this week and demand attention with their bright yellow hue. And after the weather we’ve been having around here, we thought you could use a little sunshine in your life…even if it is on your coffee table instead of the sky.

Sunflower Panache Farm Truck Flowers

Sweet Annie

I first saw/smelled Sweet Annie while I was helping a friend on her family farm last fall. Standing tall down the row, they resembled little trees and smelled so sweet! I instantly knew I wanted to add it to our farm plan this year, and I am so happy we did. You’ll find 3-4 sprigs of it in your bouquet this week. Be sure and give it a sniff!

Sweet Annie Farm Truck Flowers

Bells of Ireland

We grew this for the first time ever last year, and it was a HUGE hit, so of course, we grew it again this year…a lot of it! Count on seeing this green in many of your bouquets to come. Some stems grow nice and straight while others offer a little curve. Use that to your advantage as you place your flowers in your vase. Put the curvy ones around the outside to frame your flowers. We think it makes for a much more interesting arrangement, than just having everything straight up and down. Just be careful, Bells of Ireland do have some spikes hiding under those bells and they are NOT afraid to poke fingers!

Bells of Ireland Farm Truck Flowers

Snapdragon Madame Butterfly Bronze

Easily, my favorite snapdragon that we’ve grown, Madame Butterfly Bronze offers loads of ruffles in colors that remind me of a tropical sunset! The flowers bloom and fade from the bottom up, so as the bottom blooms are spent, just pick them off and keep on enjoying this beauty for as long as you can!

Snapdragon Madame Butterfly Farm Truck Flowers


Yes, more zinnias! We LOVE zinnias around here! We grew so many different varieties this year, that there is no telling which variety you got in your particular bouquet, but I can guarantee you got at least 3 of them, and I can guarantee you are going to get a lot more in the future! Remember though, these guys like to muddy up the water, so be sure and change it frequently to extend the vase life of your bouquet.

Zinnias Farm Truck Flowers


As the season progresses, flowers change. Most notably, the stems. I’m loving that the stems on the cosmos are getting so tall and offering multiple buds per stem. Remember, cosmos fade a little faster than some other flowers in the mix. No need to pull the entire stem though. Just snip off the dead head, and let the other buds open up.

Cosmos Farm Truck Flowers


I get excited every time something new begins to bloom on the farm, but I’m pretty sure I did a little dance when I saw the Pincushion opening up! Sitting atop long, slender stems, these little guys are cute as a button. If you didn’t find these in your bouquet this week, just you wait! There are a zillion buds just waiting to open up out there.

Pincushion Farm Truck Flowers


Bright pink, ruffled flowers…does it get much better than that? Like the snapdragons, these bloom and fade from the bottom up, so don’t be shy about popping off any undesirable blooms from the base. I like to use these sparingly in arrangements to add a little whimsy. Don’t be afraid to let these guys reach tall and wide from your vase.

Clarkia Farm Truck Flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace Queen of Africa

That’s right, fit for a Queen! Funny, since Queen Anne’s Lace grows alongside the road in our parts. I didn’t grow this last year, so I kept a pair of snips in my car and would drive around and make my daughters jump out and cut it when we saw a safe place to pull over (yes they were embarrassed, no it didn’t kill them, and I’m perfectly aware that “most moms” don’t make their kids do such things). These go into the mix for their airy quality.

Queen Anne's Lace Queen of Africa

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