Both being raised in small towns, Nick and I decided early on that we wanted to bring our own children up in a rural area. Soon after we married, we found a 100 year old, fixer upper in Molalla, Oregon and set out to fulfill a dream of renovating an old farmhouse that we now call home with our two daughters, two cats, two dogs, a bunny, a couple of curious goats and a portly pony named Polly.



Family Flower Farm Lindsey

Hi, I’m Lindsey, the dreamer of the bunch. After becoming a stay-at-home mom and realizing that my passions in life were centered around being creative. I sat out to explore ways to turn my creativity into a business so that I could work from home with our kiddos by my side. I wandered down many paths, growing more and more frustrated when each one turned into a dead end. And ultimately, ended up in a situation that left me feeling like I was beginning to lose myself. It was in those moments that I felt called to get back in touch with my roots, literally. I needed to get outside and feel the dirt in my hands. Soon after that, I learned about flower farming. With the idea of flower farming came memories of a long-time secret dream to own a florist shop. And ever since, the pieces have just fallen into place.



Family Flower Farm Nick

Ladies, I don’t even want to tell you how great this guy is, because well, take one look at him! I know, it’s hard to believe that such a hunk could also be an amazing husband, father, leader, and human, but I kid you not…He’s the real deal. He puts his life on the line for his “day job”, then comes home, sets all of the garbage aside, takes ours out to the street, helps me with the flower farm, coaches our daughters, and manages to carve out one on one time for each of us. He is the analytical thinker, the spreadsheet guy, budgeter, and the yin to my yang. I dream up the ideas and he says, “Ok, great! How are we gonna make that happen?” He’s just the “take action” kind of husband and partner I needed and I’m thankful for him on the daily.



Family Flower Farm Raegen

This fiery young lady keeps us on our toes (both literally and figuratively as she is quickly gaining on me in height). Curious by nature and always eager to learn by taking action. She is my right hand man, err girl when it’s time to plant seeds, and has an eye for design that I’m certain will be helpful as we move forward with our floral design work (that is, if I can steal her away from the soccer field).



Family Flower Farm Reese

Sweet as the smell of Stock in the spring, this little girl is also funny! She keeps us in stitches both in the house and out in the field. Picture this…it’s a long hot day, bent over in the dirt, pulling stubborn weeds, sweat dripping off your brow, and an ache in your back. Enter Reese and her uncanny ability to lighten the mood. Within minutes we have gone from grumpy to smiles and all out belly laughter. She’s a sensitive soul, always there to keep me company while I work so that I “…don’t have to be alone.”