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The farm

You’d be amazed at just how tiny our little farm is. Especially when you see the amount of flowers we are able to grow on only 1/8 of an acre! In fact, if you ever decide to drive by, be sure not to blink, you may very well miss it! We are located just outside the city limits of Molalla, Oregon on a piece of property that totals 1.55 acres. With the house, shop, and shed taking up a good portion of dirt, and a pretty drastic slope to the back side, we are left with what used to be the pony’s pasture to grow on. The upside to that, is that the soil is well fertilized if ya know what I mean.

Our first year of growing was in 2018 and was a total experiment. To get started, we added 4 raised beds to the 6 that we had built the year prior for veggies. So season one consisted of a mere 10 raised beds (400 sq ft), and we still managed to pump out a crazy amount of flowers!

This year, the farm continues to grow. By plowing the field and going straight into the ground, we will be adding a whopping 4,500 sq ft of beds!