Chemical & Pesticide Free Flowers


why we do this…

Farm Truck Flowers was born out of the desire to slow down, and reconnect with our roots. And what better way to do that than to get outside in the fresh air, dig our hands in the dirt, and take in the beauty?

We know that not everyone has the means or desire to start up a flower farm, but we don’t think that matters. What we believe is that you are busy. You get up early to get the kids fed and off to school. You fight traffic in a busy commute to a job that has you on your A game all day long and when you return home, it’s time to run the kids to practice, help them with their school project, feed them (oh and don’t forget to change the laundry). We believe you deserve a break; if only for a moment, to slow down and reconnect with your roots.

It is our hopes that when our flowers make it into the homes and offices of others, they serve as a subtle reminder to do just that, to reconnect. To slow down just long enough to appreciate the colors, shapes and smells. To enjoy the little things that life has to offer.